Couple celebrate wedding by lifting off at Balloon Fiesta


Thursday, two people crawled into a gondola at Balloon Fiesta Park and took off together – scared to death, until death do they part.

“I’m here at Balloon Fiesta to marry the love of my life,” Randy Paul said. Who is that? Brenda McClain, who was also working on a few things Thursday morning.

“I think the idea of getting married at the hot air Balloon Fiesta scares me to death,” Brenda said. “I’m afraid of heights.”

Sharing the gondola with them was a guy by the name of Dave Melton.

“I’m the pilot and best man,” Melton said.

“Four years ago, I was a wounded warrior, and I was on a quest to find myself in humanity again,” Paul said. “I met Dave and Shelly Melton down here on the field, and I’ve been crewing for them for four years now, and they restored my faith in humanity…they taught me to live again”

As Randy started to live again, he met Brenda during a Make A Wish Foundation event.

Today, it was time to work on that wish.

“Brenda, I am so glad that you chose to be my partner in life, and to share our journey together. I will always love you, and honor and cherish you,” Randy said as he read his vows.

“I couldn’t have made a list for God and asked for a better man, because you have succeeded anything I could have ever asked for,” Brenda read back. “I’m so blessed you’re in my life, and I can’t wait to start our lives together.”

Afraid of heights…forever and ever.

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  1. The wonderful reception the people gave us for a surprise wedding was something I will never forget in all of my life!! Thank you all!!!!

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